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Megadeals guide

What is MegaDeals?

MegaDeals is a peer-to-peer exchange bot on Telegram to buy and sell bitcoins with local currency available in 48 currencies and 25 payment methods.

You can find other traders buying or selling cryptocurrency and the bot guarantees all trades through automatic escrow protection and fraud detection algorithms.

How it works?

To start with, you can find trade orders with best prices under Quick Buy/Sell. If you don't find the trade order you want, you create one in "Create Order". Other buyers and sellers can open your trade orders and initiate a trade.

When you (the buyer) opens a 'buy' trade order, you can enter the bitcoin amount you want to buy and open the trade. The seller can either choose to open or decline your trade. Once the trade is open, the bitcoin amount is blocked from the sellers wallet automatically. During this time, the seller cannot spend or withdraw the coins unless the trade is cancelled by you (the buyer).

You can pay the selling price and once you confirm that you have made the payment, the seller is asked for a confirmation and the bitcoins are released to the your (the buyer) wallet.

We have a fraud detection and robust rating system in place to avoid disputes. However, in rare disputes you can reach out to our legal team of arbitrators who are available throughout the trade process to resolve any issue you are facing.

Find our support account on Telegram. Username: @megadealssupport

How to buy Bitcoins?

After choosing the language and currency, tap on the 'Start trading' button on your keyboard. Next, tap on the Exchange BTC button.

Step 1

To buy bitcoins, click on the button Quick Buy

Step 2

You can now see a list of orders that were created by other traders. Choose a trade order based on best price and apt payment method.

Step 3

If you want to open this order, you can click on Buy BTC here. Otherwise you can check out other orders on the list.

Step 4

Next, enter the amount you have decided to buy.

Step 5

Check your details and confirm to start this trade.

Step 6

At this point, the seller will receive a new notification to accept the trade.

Step 7

Once the seller opens the trade, the bitcoin amount for this trade would be blocked making it impossible to withdraw or spend this amount of bitcoins.You can see the sellers payment and other terms listed on the message. Once you're clear about the payment method you can transfer the payment amount.

Step 8

Confirm your payment by clicking on Yes.

Step 9

At this point, we would confirm that you have made the payment by the seller. Post confirmation by the seller your bitcoin will be released.

Step 10

You can check your wallet to see your updated balance. Optionally, you can rate and write a review for this trade.

Step 11

Withdraw bitcoins

Tap on Withdraw from your wallet. Enter the BTC wallet address and the amount you want to withdraw.

Step 12

After confirmation on the new address, your withdrawal will be added to the queue. You will receive a confirmation within 5 minutes after your transaction has been sent to the network.

Step 13

Deposit bitcoins

Tap on 'Wallet' on your keyboard. Next, tap on Deposit to get your bitcoin address for this wallet.

Step 14

Now, visit the source exchange or wallet to withdraw bitcoins to Megadeals wallet. You will instantly receive a notification about your deposit transaction.

Step 15

You can check the deposit transaction under /transactions link in the the message. You will receive a notification immediately after your transaction has 1 network confirmation. Post confirmation; your funds will be available in your wallet to spend or trade.

Step 16